Ben & Kayla

Ben and Kayla purchased Golden Pines in September 2017, having worked as geologists in Texas for almost a decade (both have Masters Degrees in Geology). They are passionate about hospitality and passionate about rocks, and they love to talk about either to anyone who is interested!  Please say "Hi" if you see them around the park!

Fun Facts: Ben is an 11-year military veteran, and Kayla is a talented player of the viola.


Chris and Yana

For a limited time only! Chris and Yana, along with their three young children, are here for the summer of 2018 to welcome and share lively stories with you. This truly nomadic family has been traveling full-time for the last five years with no end in sight. They'll inspire you with talks of adventures at sea, foreign births, traveling with kids, worldly cultures, giving birth in an RV, working remotely, and so much more. Chris is multi-talented in the arts of eating, being tall, making jokes, and figuring out how to fix just about anything. Yana is a warrior princess (literally, a Navajo warrior princess) who dabbles in the legal field to pay the bills. Their three children Wyatt (5), Oliver (2), and Everett (~3 months) keep their RV messy and make sure to leave toys all over the place when they're not fighting or hugging. Wyatt reminds you to keep your pets leashed as it takes him a while to warm up to animals. Stop by and say hi whenever you need a laugh, some firewood, or want to hear a good yarn (real, hand-made yarn included).



Tatonka is a five year old sheepdog mix who is full of energy and love! He is perhaps our most enthusiastic host, and you'll often find him hanging out in the park office or out begging for treats. Tatonka can't wait to meet you during your next visit at Golden Pines!

Fun Facts: Tatonka loves kids and will also answer to the name "Taco".


Interested in being a Camp Host? Join us at Golden Pines!

We are now accepting applications for the summer 2019 season! Bring your rig and enjoy life in the Sierra Nevada mountains in exchange for approximately 30 hours of work per week. View our current Camp Host ad here or email us at

Golden Pines RV Resort & Campground is a quiet, family-friendly campground located at 5000' elevation in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We are a medium to small sized RV resort situated among the towering trees of the Stanislaus National Forest. We are looking for energetic individuals or couples with an RV and great people skills to serve as camp hosts for our summer season. The position runs from April 1 through September 30. Hosts will help out with the basic daily duties of running the park in exchange for a site and utilities.

Schedule is 2-2-3 with a week off each month, and couples work as a team. Basic duties will include checking in & helping campers, cleaning restrooms and rental units, picking up trash, and reminding campers of the rules. There is no camp store and no office hours. Interested candidates should send a resume with relevant experience and references to: