Park Rates

Sites                                 Nightly       Holiday

RV Full Hookup (6 people)                    $45                    $50
Tent (6 people)                                      $40                    $45
Small Cabin (2 people)                          $55                    $60
Large Cabin (4 people)                          $70                    $75
Trailer Rentals - no pets                         $95                   $95

Full Hookup RV Sites – Rate includes up to 6 people, 2 vehicles, and 2 pets. Maximum of 8 people, 2 vehicles, and 3 pets per site

Tent Sites – Rate includes up to 6 people, 1 tent, and 1 vehicle. Maximum of 8 people and 2 tents (extra tents allowed on a per site basis)

Reservation Deposit – A deposit equal to the price of your first night's stay is required at the time of reservation.

Extras                                  Nightly

People                                                      $5
Vehicles                                                    $5
Tents                                                         $5
Pets                                                           $5

Additional Items                  Each

Showers                                                    $0.25 / 1.5 min
Internet (per device, per day)                    $2
Firewood Bundle                                       $5
JS West Propane: Tank Exchange             $20
JS West Propane: Tank Purchase              $50

Cancellation Policy

Requests for cancellation or modification of your reservation must be received by 11 am 7 (seven) days or more prior to your scheduled arrival date for a refund of your deposit. For holidays, requests must be received 14 (fourteen) days prior to your scheduled arrival. There is a $20 processing fee for all cancellations. Cancellation requests must be made by email to

If you fail to arrive on the scheduled arrival date, your reservation will be canceled and you will not receive a refund or credit.

If you need to shorten your stay, refunds will only be given if we are notified by 11 am the day before your new departure date.

If you have made reservations for multiple sites you are responsible for all site fees due for any late cancellations.